Weather King Ac Unit

posted 2022-09-25T17:06:52+00:00

New (old stock) 3 ton condenser unit rheem/weather king model 13aja36a01 2k. Add to wish list add to compare. View product description & specs. A ton of air conditioning equals 12,000 btu, and 24 divided by 12 equals 2, so the data plate below indicates the system is 2 tons. Weatherking is one of the few brands that varies slightly from this format sometimes. For example, the data plate shown below is for a nominal 3 ton unit, although the number is 37 instead of 36. Extremely durable & reliable ignitions systems that will last for years. Beginning january 1, 2017, rheem has announced that there will be a $30 charge to extend a weatherking warranty when registering the unit. 26. 3/26. 3 compressor. Unable to test due to lack of equipment.

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