Weather In The Maldives July

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What is the weather like in the maldives in july? 7. 5 hours indian ocean temperature: 29°c it is low season for holidays to the maldives in july, here’s why… in july, daylight hours are around seven hours. The weather in maldives is somewhat complex, since it is a tropical monsoon climate with warm temperatures throughout the year. Maldives is located to the southwest of india and sri lanka. its more than 1200 islands, of which 203 are inhabited, form one of the most iconic places in the entire indian ocean and one of the most impressive and famous holiday. The weather in the maldives throughout july in gan recalls that of the previous month: Sporadic showers in daytime environments, fairly high temperatures, more chances of cloud thinning and intermittent sunny days. July climate in malé and central atolls. I always take my holidays to the maldives in july. Your agent is right, it is a good time to go based on the lower prices and you should still get hot weather, around 30 deg and the sea is warm.

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